Our Programs

Hilltop School

Childcare, Preschool, Pre-K


Our Toddler program is for children ages 18 months through 3 years of age. We offer a developmentally appropriate program that is designed to enhance the overall growth of your child. Planning is based on observations  of the children using their interests, skills, and reaction to new materials. As the children grow and change, the teachers change the classroom environment. Children do not need to be potty trained to join our Toddler Program.



Hilltop offers full time and part time preschool services for children who are fully toilet trained and 3  years of age through four.  Our preschool children are in classrooms of ten children or less, allowing for more individualized attention.  The physical space of the classroom is organized into different areas, dramatic play, block area, library, math, science, table toys and sensory area.  Classroom space divided into different interest areas is an ideal setting for young children who want to explore and pursue their own interests.  A variety of quiet and more active areas accommodate different temperaments and needs, as well as providing an opportunity for children to work alone or in groups.  Materials in the areas are changed to reflect varying themes and areas of interests. 


Our Pre-Kindergarten program is designed for children who are preparing for a successful transition to kindergarten the following year.  The classroom space is divided into different interest areas allowing children an opportunity to explore and pursue their own interests.  More emphasis is placed in the pre-kindergarten classroom on the skills required for a successful transition to kindergarten.  Students can attend mornings only or in the extended day program. Children enrolling in our Pre-K program need to be age 4 prior to October 15 and must be fully potty trained.