The library provides the children and classroom teachers a large assortment of high quality children’s literature.  Children are given an opportunity each week to visit the library and choose a book to read or have a book read to them.  There are big books and other resources available for teachers to use in their classrooms to support the development of early literacy skills.

There is time scheduled every week for classes to visit the imagination station.  The Imagination Station offers the choice of many different activities. Children may choose to play with the dollhouse and tabletop train set, as well as other exciting activities such as block building, acting out a story with the puppet theatre, or playing in the pretend market.  A large chalkboard is also available for children to practice their writing. Imagination station activities are periodically changed to keep the area new and exciting.


Music with Julie Monroe

Indoor Gross Motor Room

Hilltop School

Childcare, Preschool, Pre-K

Imagination Station

Outside Play Areas

There are three separate and distinct outside play areas available to the children.  The playground area includes swings, slides, playscape and sandbox.  The hillside offers children a large boat for hours of imaginative play and an additional sandbox.  The large wooded area offers children the opportunity to explore and learn within their natural environment.  Picnic tables are available for outside eating, as well as other table activities.  A paved surface is perfect for hopscotch and playing ball.

Children need lots of opportunities for physical activity, both for good health and skill building. The large exercise room provides the space and equipment for children to engage in indoor gross motor activities. Children develop their balance, muscle coordination and spatial awareness as they move over, under and around the equipment.  Development of gross motor skills is the beginning of all other skills, including reading, math and language skills.

Julie has been teaching music to pre-schoolers since 1994. She plays guitar and uses songs, books, puppets, finger plays and role play to engage, entertain and teach. Julie has a B.S. degree from the University of Maine in Child Development.
She strives to create a fun, playful atmosphere for music time, and provides a number of layers of learning that are enhanced by music. Throughout our lives music gives us a way to participate in group activities or amuse ourselves in happy solitude.
The traditional and new songs, nursery rhymes and games she shares with the children are the literary foundation of our common cultural heritage.  They help us feel connected, learn language and rhythm. When we sing modern songs from favorite TV shows or movies we create memories of what it means to be part of a generation. Music is also a great way to learn other languages. She gives the children the opportunity to sing some songs to the children in French and Spanish.